Private Credit Funds & Investment Products Overview

What is Private Credit?

Private credit is an asset class comprised of higher yielding, illiquid investment opportunities that covers a range of risk/return profiles. This includes debt that is secured and senior in the capital structure with fixed income like characteristics and distressed debt that has very equity like risk and returns. This opportunity set can be accessed through a number of different vehicles, including closed end comingled funds, private and public BDCs, and CLOs, amongst others.

Private Credit Funds Overview

Our investment vehicles are designed for institutional investors. They focus on senior secured lending to middle market corporations and opportunistic private credit transactions originated by Monroe.

Private Credit Investment Vehicles
$11.2 Billion In Assets Under Management
Private Credit Funds Retail/High Net Worth Vehicles CLO Vehicles
SBIC Funds
Separate Managed Accounts
Direct Lending Private Credit Funds
Opportunistic Private Credit Funds
Public BDC
Retail Funds
Middle Market CLOs
Broadly Syndicated CLOs
Reasons to consider an investment with Monroe Capital
  • High current income
  • Floating interest rates which insulate and hedge investors from a rising interest rate environment
  • Senior secured loan positions emphasize principal protection
  • Proprietary lending opportunities generated by Monroe origination team offer differentiated and proprietary source of return
  • Experience of Monroe credit and underwriting team which has been active in direct lending since 2000
  • Monroe has funded over 1,450 investments involving over $21 billion of investment loans since its inception in 2004
  • Attractive Returns
  • Individual investors can benefit from the Monroe private credit platform as large institutional investors have since 2004
Separate Managed Accounts

Separate managed accounts (SMAs) are a part of Monroe’s product offering. SMAs refer to investment structures established by a single investor.

For information on our Institutional Portfolios, contact:

R. Sean Duff
Managing Director, Marketing & Investor Relations

M.P. Hayden
Managing Director, Marketing & Investor Relations

Chris Jacques
Director, Marketing

Alex Kim
Managing Director, Head of Asia

Joe Reid
Director, Marketing & Investor Relations

Sanjay Yodh
Managing Director, Head of Insurance Solutions & Distributions

For information on our high net worth portfolios, contact:

Tom Demery

Dayna Kleinman
Managing Director

Adam Kennedy
Director, Marketing

Mick Solimene
Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, HNW Portfolios

Jayro Yoo